The Birthing of CTC International School

After the annulment of the June 12, 1993 elections in Nigeria, the Nigerian economy was in a near-comatose state as the country’s political situation was in chaos.  Mrs. Fisayo considered fleeing to the USA with her 4 children but realised that fleeing Nigeria would only be a temporary and selfish option as they really have no other country. She reasoned that greedy and selfish behaviour were responsible for the structural collapse of the country and decided that the only way to redeem the nation and protect its future was to teach young people the right values so that they would in turn, affect others until Nigerians start thinking and acting in the collective interest of all.

This epiphany, coupled with the additional experience and knowledge gained from home tutoring her children with considerable success (two of her children would later gain admission into the University of Connecticut at very young ages. Her son at 13 years became the youngest student to enroll into the college in its 116-year history) inspired her to start CTC International School in 1994.  It has been a leader in education in Nigeria and the school’s achievements were recognized by the Lagos State Government when Mrs. Abimbola Fisayo was invited to serve as a member of the Special Committee on Improvement of Nursery & Primary Schools in Lagos State by Governor Babatunde Fashola

The Journey: 1994-2019

At CTC, we believe that education lasts a lifetime.  CTC was founded with the guiding belief that the right blend of academic knowledge and ethical beliefs can change the world for good by teaching and inculcating good values in young people while they also learn how to properly apply academic knowledge to real life .As they learn and grow, it is expected that they will impact others and effect change in their various spheres of life, one person and one action at a time. 

This vision has paid great dividends so far and continues to do so as CTC graduates are excelling in their professions as teachers, doctors, IT specialists, aeronautical engineers and lawyers as well as in many other vocations all over the world.


CTC has turned out hundreds of students with an interesting international mix. Amongst her alumni are students from China, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Israel, Ethiopia, Ghana and South Africa as well children born to Nigerian parents in the diaspora who have come back to Nigeria to be educated and to be immersed in the Nigerian culture and traditions. 

CTC has won many academic as well as cultural awards over the years.  In 2008, CTC WON First prize in the Prof. Wole Soyinka Reading Competition nationwide. The School has also comes first on various occasions during the MUSON Music and Chorale/Solo competitions.

CTC results have always been so great that we have been nicknamed the “acada” school. Our students excel in international examinations like The University of Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Levels and the American SAT examinations.

Based solely on their results, many CTC students have won four year scholarships to American universities to study Chemical and other aspects of Engineering.

About The Founder

Mrs. Abimbola Fisayo holds a Masters of Business Administration (1982) degree from Howard University in Washington D.C. USA and also a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology from the same university.   Before moving to America for her undergraduate studies, Mrs. Fisayo attended Federal School of Arts and Science, Victoria Island in Lagos.

Mrs. Fisayo began her educational career while working as a resident and graduate assistant at Howard University and built on her leadership skills by attending training programmes at the National 4-H Center, Bethesda, Maryland sponsored by Howard University.

On her return to Nigeria, Mrs. Fisayo gained further experience in sales and business administration while working with HACO (a Division of John Holt Plc) as Sales Manager in charge of imported cosmetic products and Kenneth Michael & Company Limited (KMC).

Owing to the demands of being a mother of 4 children who needed more attention, Mrs. Fisayo quit her job and founded her own business, Marvel Investment & Trading Limited in 1992.  This gave her the flexibility to work from home and at the same time, home school her children – building on her previous teaching experience as a graduate assistant.

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